Andersen Offers Free Legal Assistance to Victims of Fire Tragedy

In the wake of the tragic fire that engulfed a building in the Campanar neighborhood, causing immense suffering for hundreds of families, Andersen has expressed deep condolences to the families of the deceased and solidarity with all those affected. The law firm has initiated a pro bono legal assistance program to provide support to individuals who have suffered losses in the aftermath of the fire.

The commitment to the Valencian community is reflected in their efforts to offer free legal advice concerning insurance coverage and the necessary procedures to claim compensation for damages.

Also the Notarial College of Valencia has announced a free service to assist those affected. They will provide a complimentary service for the search, issuance, and delivery of public deeds for all properties, whether affected by the fire or not. This includes properties registered in this college or any other across the national territory. This initiative aims to support property owners and occupants affected by the devastating fire that occurred on February 22, 2024, in Valencia, claiming at least four lives.

Notarial documents play a crucial role in proving property ownership and facilitating insurance compensation claims.