Garrigues and KPMG on the acquisition of Echasa

Sibelco has acquired Echasa, a mining company active in the extraction of silica sand at Laminoria Quarry, near Vitoria, in the Basque Country of northern Spain’s. Echasa currently employ 51 people and their quarry is some located some 160km from Sibelco’s nearest silica sand quarry in Arija.

The acquisition, which is aligned with the Sibelco 2025 strategy and the company’s vision to become the global leader in silica sand, will expand Sibelco’s customer base in the glass, foundry, and construction markets in the north of Spain, and extend their silica sand reserves and resources in Western Europe.

Garrigues has advised Sibelco with Laura Muñoz Gutiérrez (pictured), Tania Targas Marcilla and Alexia Alarcón Garrigasait.

KPMG Abogados has advised Echasa with Jon Armendariz (pictured), Iñigo Etxeberria, Iker Guillan and Ricard Mo