Fourlaw Lawyers joins Legal Netlink Alliance

Fourlaw Abogados, the law firm based in Madrid specializing in corporate law, has joined the Legal Netlink Alliance (LNA), a global network of independent law firms with a presence in 36 countries.

The firm’s goal is to expand its horizons and provide top-notch service for any international operation or conflict that may arise among its clients in their business processes or expansion efforts. “This alliance ensures that Fourlaw Abogados’ clients have direct access to professionals from multiple jurisdictions and specialties worldwide, allowing us not only to accompany our clients wherever they go but also to provide global service,” says Andrés Herzog, partner at Fourlaw Abogados.

Lawyers who are part of LNA are constantly engaged in knowledge exchange, which not only expands their development opportunities but also facilitates internationalization efforts for companies that desire it. Through regular meetings, network members exchange experiences and knowledge and collaborate on cross-jurisdictional issues, resulting in increased confidence, legal certainty, and stability for the businesses they advise.

Finally, Legal Netlink Alliance indicates that Fourlaw Abogados’ values that “have attracted and persuaded them” to welcome them to the network include their commitment to providing effective and client-focused advice, as well as being flexible and oriented towards business objectives.