Lefebvre reinforces its legal generative AI model GenIA-L

Lefebvre, a leading provider of legal information and solutions, has introduced new artificial intelligence (AI) functionalities to its QMemento and NEO databases. With these changes, the company aims to revolutionize the management and interaction with existing case law and administrative doctrine.

Features such as case summaries, analyses, or direct answers to specific questions about judgments are among the new AI capabilities incorporated into Lefebvre’s platforms. The tool enables users to interact with the system using natural language and offers various functions designed to leverage the benefits of AI in the field of law and consultancy, thus impacting the way legal professionals work.

Artificial intelligence presents a significant opportunity for law firms and consultancies. Despite emerging concerns and challenges, its proper implementation can positively transform the sector’s operations. Embracing AI as an ally can lead to enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness, ultimately providing better services to clients in the digital era.

One such solution, named GenIA-L, provides legal professionals and corporate advisors with a substantial competitive advantage. Its algorithm adapts directly to their information needs, offering superior efficiency levels for studying and preparing client matters. GenIA-L, currently available to users in Spain, has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of legal professionals, ensuring the reliability and relevance of its results. It utilizes only trusted information sources, including legislation, case law, doctrine, forms, and the company’s exclusive Mementos. As a result, it generates structured outcomes with well-founded conclusions based on rigorous content, quickly and easily accessible to the user.

As José Ángel Sandín, CEO of Lefebvre, points out, “this solution puts us at the forefront of legal knowledge management in Europe by incorporating new technologies and getting the most out of it for our clients and partners.