Fieldfisher JAUSAS becomes Fieldfisher

Fieldfisher JAUSAS has taken the definitive step of becoming Fieldfisher after approving its 2021-2024 strategic plan last July and as part of the integration process between both firms

According to the president and partner of Fieldfisher Spain, Jordi Ruiz de Villa: “Following three years of a fruitful relationship with Fieldfisher, and after having signed a renewal of our agreements providing them with greater stability and depth, it makes sense to cease using the JAUSAS brand and focus on the Fieldfisher brand, which is how we are known by international customers.” And Ruiz de Villa adds, “We are proud to belong to this great family and to be able to expand our horizons by attracting new talent that allows us to offer more and better services to increasingly sophisticated and larger clients.”

In this new phase, Fieldfisher Spain maintains the values and work philosophy that has characterised it over the last 55 years and will continue to share synergies and joint developments with Fieldfisher, putting the focus on projects with a large international component.

On 26 September 2018, after signing the first agreement with Fieldfisher, JAUSAS was renamed Fieldfisher JAUSAS. An agreement that remains in force, but now under the Fieldfisher trademark, and which is based on systems integration, sharing know-how and joint business development and commercial actions.

Within the framework of the new agreement signed on 15 September 2021, Fieldfisher Spain retains its workforce of nearly 100 professionals and offices in Barcelona and Madrid. Furthermore, the national brand continues to maintain its organisational independence from the headquarters located in London.

Fieldfisher Spain is experiencing a year of robust growth. The firm is immersed in the execution of its 2021-24 Strategic Plan, which has led it to incorporate six partners throughout this year, as well as expanding and reinforcing several of its areas of practice such as new technologies, public and regulatory law, among others. According to Ruiz de Villa: “We are focused on turning Fieldfisher into a benchmark in the middle market sector of international firms in Spain while driving growth to be able to address greater professional challenges each year. Therefore, we expect to incorporate two new equity partners in the Barcelona office in the next twelve months.”

Desire Vidal