Fernando Rodríguez, Julio Álvarez & Juan Bermúdez

ETL Global integrates Gesolutio

ETL Global has integrated the Granada-based consultancy firm, Gesolutio, which joins the group to expand its portfolio of clients and services in the field of strategic consultancy, bankruptcy and audit.

Founded in 1977, Gesolutio specialises in the field of strategic consultancy, corporate restructuring and groups of companies, tax auditing, public and private financing, consultancy in bankruptcy proceedings and judicial administration of companies.

“We share common values, strategic vision and long-term plans. With the transaction, we expand our portfolio of services to offer a better and more complete advice to our clients”, said Julio Álvarez Martos (pictured centre), managing partner and Fermín Roldán González, partner of Gesolutio.

“Andalusia is strategic for ETL Global as it will allow us to diversify our consulting services with the support of one of the first advisory and consulting firms in the business sector in Granada, adding muscle in Andalusia, where we already have 6 other firms in the region”, said Juan Bermudez (pictured right), CEO of ETL Global Spain.

Irina Wakstein