Elzaburu is committed to innovation in the protection of intangible assets

In the current context of uncertainty and instability, the VUCA concept makes more sense than ever to recognize the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment that companies are currently facing, where any business decision must have considering different scenarios. At this time, it is especially relevant to protect intangible assets since they are key aspects to differentiate from the competition and for the growth potential of organizations.

Immersed in protecting innovation and changes to business models that new technologies are bringing with them, Elzaburu offers solutions based on a 360-degree approach to legal advice. “It is about definitively overcoming our image as a firm specialized in patents and trademarks to become a company specialized in the global management of intangible assets in all its varieties, from AI, NFTs, protection of business secrets, management of audiovisual projects to the metaverse…”, explains Mabel Klimt (pictured), expert in legal advice for cultural and entertainment projects for a year also managing partner of Elzaburu.

And it is that the intangible assets, which represent the know-how of a company, have a high corporate value. Their loss or falsification can cause significant damage to the company, which, therefore, must not neglect its legal protection. “We advise our clients from the beginning, in the creation of a product or service, in its design to guarantee that it is innovative and that its protection can be guaranteed in all subsequent steps for its commercial development and, once on the market, we work to protect them from possible imitations or counterfeits, carrying out an exhaustive digital monitoring of any fraud attempt that could endanger that brand or product”, explains Klimt.

Given the irruption of technology and innovation in the legal sector, law firms face new challenges. The challenge, according to Mabel Klimt, is to “weave a framework that provides security to our clients” in a context deeply marked by renewal.