Ejaso ETL Global sets up its Board of Directors

In accordance with the vision of the future on upon which Ejaso has been working in recent times, on 28 April the company officially established its Board of Directors. This move is the culmination of a succession process articulated to take over the reins from the founding partners and implies, according to its promoters, the transition “to a business organisational model that looks to the future”.

This move, also undertaken by other major law firms to adapt to the new era, implies a new leadership within Ejaso, the law firm founded in 1984. Thus, the new board is composed by the following partners:

Manuel González-Haba Poggio and José Luis de Navasqüés, Executive Directors and heads of the corporate areas of marketing, communication and business development.

Gonzalo Grandes, Executive Director and head of the corporate Human Resources area.

Juan Enrique Altimis, Executive Director and head of the corporate economic and financial area.

Juan Enrique Altimis, partner in the tax area, said during an event held for the over 240 professionals of the law firm, that the ambitious project for EJASO “has also involved the integration of firms with a high level of specialisation and also technological development, underpinning two essential pillars for us”.

This marks the culmination of a process in which “we have also reconsidered and adapted our organisational processes and protocols to be more efficient, which, together with the implementation of the appropriate technology, allows us to be in the right position to reach the next level as an organisation,” says José Luis de Navasqüés.

Objective: to grow and attract talent

“Our main objectives are to continue to enhance the fantastic working environment that we are lucky to have in the law firm – and which for us represents a clear competitive advantage – and the pride of belonging that we feel in our offices. But, of course, we also want to attract the best talent, both junior and senior, to the Ejasianas ranks”, says Gonzalo Grandes.

Manuel González-Haba Poggio adds that “it is a honour and a privilege to lead a firm that has top-notch professionals and that, thanks to the new generation, is more committed than ever to its future. The future is being built day by day and we are very excited about the path we have just started”.