Deloitte Legal launches LMS

Deloitte Legal has launched a new line specialising in managed legal services, Legal Managed Services, led by partner Manuel Fernández Condearena

The sophistication of the Legal advisory function in companies requires defining and implementing new management models that provide more value, maintain quality and transparency and reduce costs. In an environment of increased internal demand for Legal advice, it is necessary to assess the available resources, both human and technological, and to define the degree of maturity of its operating model. Managed legal services make it possible to increase the capabilities of the Legal function without increasing the resources dedicated to it.

The work methodology is based on three essential levers: process optimisation, the most appropriate technology and expert teams, both in the legal area and in the client’s industry.

The projects’ structure contemplates from the beginning the assignment of roles and responsibilities of the team’s professionals, offering an organisation chart mirroring that of the client, which allows for natural and constant communication. These are projects that require agile methodologies due to their complexity and the need for continuous improvement.

Manuel Fernández Condearena (pictured), partner head of LMS at Deloitte Legal, highlighted: “Technology is an essential component that facilitates the provision of services. Our flexibility allows us to use our clients’ technology, Deloitte Legal’s technology or to collaborate in the specific development of ad hoc technological solutions.”

“Deloitte Legal brings a team of specialised lawyers and engineers with extensive experience in providing these types of services. It is essential to have professionals with sectorial knowledge to address the specific needs of each of our clients,” emphasised Luis Fernando Guerra, global leader and managing partner of Deloitte Legal in Spain.

Desire Vidal