Deloitte Legal bolsters LMC team

Deloitte Legal has hired Legal engineer and Digital lawyer Jesús Vicente Menoyo, from Cuatrecasas, to reinforce its Legal Management Consulting area, led by Manuel Fernández Condearena and Sara Molina Pérez-Tomé

The LMC department of Deloitte Legal Spain keeps growing with the addition of Jesús Vicente Menoyo to the team led by Lead partner Spain Manuel Fernández Condearena (pictured top left),  and Sara Molina Pérez-Tomé (pictured bottom left). He joins from Cuatrecasas, where he has been working since January 2020 developing tasks related to Legaltech, Legal Project Management, Contribution of Digital value-added solutions, Digitisation & Automation Project Management, Templates programming, Software development, Digital Content generation and formative program management, Digital culture & Digital values and UX learning. He has also worked at Arriaga Asociados.

Jesús Vicente Menoyo (pictured right) holds an Electronic Technical Engineering degree as well as a degree in Law and Legal Sciences from the Universidad de Sevilla. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Digital Transformation of companies specialising in Technology in Business Management and Data Processing from the Escuela de Organización Industrial (EOI), a Master’s degree in Legal Consultancy (International Financial, Commercial and Tax Law from Instituto de Estudios Cajasol and another one in Project Management from the EAE Business Scholl.

On his hiring, Sara Molina Pérez-Tomé (pictured left) said: “Undoubtedly with you, we add talent, experience and multidisciplinary vision of the Transformation of the Legal Sector.”

Desire Vidal