DC-based Spanish partner talks about US presidential crisis

Last night, Trump declared state of emergency in Washington DC, just days before Biden’s inauguration. Four days ago, Iberian Lawyer interviewed Manuel Varela, Spanish lawyer and partner at Washington DC-based law firm Lewis Baach Kaufmann Middlemiss PLLC to ask him how is the Spanish community living the latest events surrounding the assault on the Capitol and what are the legal implications, even the theoretical criminal charges, that Donald Trump could face after his public behaviour


Varela thinks that the possibility of removing the current President of the USA from office seems not very likely because we are just a few days before his official departure and announces “a time for pardons” for next January 19, when he could even pardon himself.

The lawyer says that he trusts the investigation process that has been opened and affirms that the latest twist in Donald Trump´s speech won´t save him from legal issues that could be presented against him when he officially leaves the White House.

He finds some similarities with the situation in Spain and accuses US politicians of taking advantage of misinformation to increase social division.

Varela graduated in Law from Harvard University and is a Doctor of Law by Georgetown University Law Center. The interview is in Spanish.

Desire Vidal