Almudena Batista

Cuatrecasas with Imesapi and Api Movilidad for their equality plans

Cuatrecasas has advised Imesapi and Api Movilidad on the negotiation, drafting and agreement of new equality plans for both companies, in accordance with current legislation.

Almudena Batista (pictured), a partner in Cuatrecasas’ labour department and an expert in equality and social sustainability in companies, has led the negotiation of the equality plans of Imesapi and Api Movilidad, which, as she confirms, “has ended with a unanimous agreement with the legal representatives of their respective workforces and the unions CCOO del Habitat and UGT”, adding that “these plans are a reflection of the commitment to equality in the workplace, “She added that “these plans are a reflection of the commitment to equality, with the aim, among others, of reducing the under-representation of women in a traditionally male-dominated sector such as the construction industry”.

Indeed, with the new equality plans, in line with current legislation, Imesapi and Api Movilidad aim to reduce, over the next four years, female under-representation and occupational segregation with measures that renew their existing equality plans. Both companies are also committed to introducing equality training within the organisation, monitoring pay and including improvements in work-life balance. In addition, these plans include a protocol for assistance and comprehensive protection against gender violence and sexual violence, already adapted to the new Ley Orgánica 10/2022, of September 6, 2022, on the comprehensive guarantee of sexual freedom, as well as a new protocol for prevention and action against sexual harassment and harassment for reasons of sex.

The Cuatrecasas team in charge of the design and negotiation of both equality plans, led by Almudena Batista, was also formed by lawyers Jaime Rubio and Carmen Ruiz in the preparation of the remuneration audits and diagnoses, respectively.