From left to right, Diego Guerrero, Sopra Steria; Emilio Juárez, Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo; Maria Pérez Naranjo, Agencia Digital de Andalucía (ADA); Raul Jiménez, ADA; y José F. Quesada, Lekta.

Cremades advises ADA on turning the region into AI hub

Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo, has advised Agencia Digital de Andalucía (ADA) on turning the region into a hub of innovation in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Seeking to improve access to public information, citizen participation and simplify the administration, the Agencia Digital de Andalucía promotes this new AI project that will allow it to position itself as a hub of innovation and technology within the continent.

“The signing of this collaboration protocol responds to the objectives set with the creation of the Agencia Digital de Andalucía. The main need is to achieve a better match between the needs of citizens and the Administration’s own capabilities to promote change and innovation in all areas, relying on a unified ICT management model that serves to establish and develop a common and transversal course throughout the organisation,” said Raúl Jiménez, Managing Director of the Agencia Digital de Andalucía .

It will be carried out together with two technology companies, SopraSteria and Lekta Language Engineering. SopraSteria is a consultancy firm that provides digital services and software development, offering help to its clients to boost their digital transformation. Lekta specialises in the technology sector, specifically in the field of artificial intelligence and the application of language technologies to the construction of conversational systems.

“Conversational interaction through Language Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data brings a high potential to large corporations and especially to Public Administrations. Our goal will be to contribute our experience with our technological ecosystem and our methodological approach to analyse the needs and requirements of all the actors involved, simultaneously optimising administrative procedures and bringing the Administration closer to the needs of citizens”, said José F. Quesada, co-founding Partner of Lekta and CEO of Lekta Spain.

On this occasion, the firms have signed, in consortium, a knowledge transfer framework agreement with the Agencia Digital de Andalucía to promote R&D&I in Artificial Intelligence (AI), conversational systems and their application to Public Administrations.

In this way, each one will contribute its experience in AI. The Agencia Digital de Andalucía, in the institutional framework, will describe real use cases; SopraSteria will contribute its management experience, its technological and consulting skills, its knowledge of Public Administrations and its integration capacity; Lekta will contribute with its technological specialisation in conversational systems, Language Technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo, with its specialised legal and regulatory knowledge.

This will make Andalucía a pole of European Innovation in Language Technologies and the Regional Government a benchmark for innovation in citizen services and administrative simplification.
“This is an area of vital importance for public policy in Andalusia. With this agreement, we will provide legal predictability and knowledge transfer from a legal perspective”, says Francisco José Fernández Romero, Director of Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo Sevilla.

Irina Wakstein