Clients demanding homogenous service throughout Latin America – Garrigues

Multinational companies from Spain, Germany, France and China demanding the same quality service from firms across the Latin American region

There is an increasing pressure on law firms operating in Latin America to offer clients the same quality service throughout the region regardless of the jurisdiction. This means that firms´ offices in different Latin American countries are increasingly working in partnership to meet client needs. As a result, Spanish firms are, in some cases, referring less work to domestic firms in Latin America than they were previously.
Ángel Calleja, partner at Garrigues explains that multinational companies from Spain, Germany, France and China are now requiring more homogenous legal services across Latin America, despite the fact that each jurisdiction has very different characteristics and each market has its own unique qualities. It used to be the case that some Spanish firms referred work to other firms in the region, but this is a trend that is changing with some Spanish firms now handling the work themselves. However, Calleja argues that serving clients via a process of “triangulation” with Spain is inefficient approach to providing legal services.