CIAM-CIAR Integration: Ibero-American Arbitration Power Unveiled

The integration of the Ibero-American Arbitration Centre (CIAM) and the International Arbitration and Mediation Centre (CIAR) is now a reality, officially formalized by the presidents of both institutions, José María Alonso (pictured left), president of CIAM and ex-dean of the Madrid Bar Association and, Javier Íscar (pictured right), president of CIAR. The merged entity, operating under the CIAM regulations, seeks to establish a unified Ibero-American institution for arbitration. The integration agreement was signed at the new headquarters of the institution, the Palacio de Santoña, in Madrid.

José María Alonso will preside over the new institution, with Javier Íscar serving as vice president. CIAR contributes two additional locations in San José, Costa Rica, and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Born out of the necessity to address a market with over 800 million Spanish and Portuguese speakers, CIAM-CIAR aims to attract 100 to 150 arbitrations in the next two to three years. The operational structure includes four committees, maintaining gender and geographical parity between European and Ibero-American members.

Key objectives include enticing major international arbitration courts in Latin American countries to follow the example set in Madrid. CIAM-CIAR leaders are in talks with prominent institutions to encourage a shift towards domestic arbitration, allowing CIAM-CIAR to handle international cases.

José María Alonso sees this as a unique opportunity for Madrid to establish itself as an arbitration hub. Arbitrations involve significant parties and prominent law firms, presenting Spanish law firms with greater opportunities. He emphasizes that Ibero-American arbitration represents 25% of global arbitrations, and Madrid can now assert itself as a hub for both legal and physical security.