The Strategic Leap of Legálitas

Legálitas, known for its innovative approach to legal services, has stood out for its disruptive spirit, positioning itself at the forefront of applying technology to the legal field. Recently, the legaltech firm acquired KPMG Impulsa, a specialised online digital solution catering to SMEs and freelancers. This operation aligns with its growth strategy to strengthen legal advisory and administrative management services for its portfolio. In an exclusive interview with Iberian Lawyer, CEO Luis del Pozo explores this acquisition, redefining legal services for SMEs and outlining the future of LegalTech at Legálitas.

by Mercedes Galán

New acquisition and new name. Can you share your reflections on the strategic importance of this acquisition?

This acquisition arises from a strategic opportunity we identified last year. Traditionally, we have focused on individual clients, but we saw the possibility of extending our business model to another segment, SMEs and freelancers. This is a client profile that may have a greater sensitivity to the need for legal advice and, like individual clients, may struggle with traditional law firms that do not adapt well to their needs.

What objective were you aiming to achieve?

Our goal is to provide this client with 360-degree advice. We believe that entrepreneurs should focus on their business and be able to trust us to cover all their legal needs and obligations. From advice to execution, capabilities that, thanks to this acquisition, we have incorporated and strengthened.

This was a business opportunity, and we started to focus on it commercially. We had the legal and compliance advisory part well developed, but for this new client profile, we believed it was necessary to incorporate the administrative management part, and KPMG Impulsa was the perfect partner to complement our offering.

What benefits do you anticipate for clients from this integration into Legálitas’ structure?


Julia Gil