CC promotes Fernando Irurzun to Litigation & Arbitration partner

Clifford Chance has appointed Fernando Irurzun as head partner of Litigation and Arbitration replacing José Antonio Cainzos

Irurzun (pictured) will lead the area that he joined two years ago as counsel. He has a PhD in Law and, as a State Attorney, now on leave of absence, he has worked as a lawyer at High Court of Justice of Madrid, the National Court and the Supreme Court. Besides, he was deputy director-general of Litigation services at the State Attorney General’s Office from 2012 to 2016.

He has also been a lawyer representing the Kingdom of Spain at the European Court of Human Rights, and, until he joined Clifford Chance in September 2018, he was a national expert posted to the European Banking Authority (EBA) legal service in London.

The new partner of the firm led by Jaime Velázquez has been a member of the Board of Directors of public companies as Ineco, Enusa Industrias Avanzadas and Sociedad Estatal Correos y Telégrafos.

Desire Vidal