Carmo de Sousa Machado

Carmo Sousa Machado re-elected Chair of Multilaw

Carmo Sousa Machado (pictured), partner of Abreu Advogados, has been re-elected Chair of Multilaw (Association of Independent Law Firms) for one more year. The re-election was confirmed at Multilaw’s General Meeting, which took place in London.

This will be Carmo Sousa Machado’s fourth year in one of the most important positions of this international association of independent law firms.

“I am very grateful for the renewed confidence in the work I have done over the past three years at Multilaw, together with our Executive Director, Adam Cooke, and the rest of the team. It has been some challenging, hard working years but with very positive results. We have managed to bring together and recruit law firms from all over the world and create important synergies and opportunities for cooperation”, explains Carmo Sousa Machado.

The partner at Abreu Advogados already has several distinctions and historical positions, having been the first woman to become Managing Partner of a law firm in Portugal, in 2004, and also the first woman as Chairman, in 2017.

Founded in 1990, Multilaw aims to help its members provide the best service to their clients. Abreu Advogados has been a member of Multilaw since 2002, having actively participated in its activities and in several joint projects.