Caiado Guerreiro advises Fraudio BV on Portugal launch

Caiado Guerreiro has played a decisive role in establishing and developing Fraudio BV’s business, advising on all legal issues inherent in its expansion project.

Following its expansion policy, Fraudio BV has recently opened its activity in Portugal. Caiado Guerreiro advised on the entire process of incorporation and establishment of the company in Lisbon, with associates Anthony Meira, Fábio Seguro Joaquim and Diogo Silva Melo advising on all legal issues inherent in the process.

“We enjoy working with these international clients, linked to the area of technologies, which bring jobs and know-how to Portugal,” said João Caiado Guerreiro, managing partner of Caiado Guerreiro.

The Dutch company, founded in 2019, is now based in Lisbon, Amsterdam, London and Barcelona, where it develops its work with financial and non-financial entities in the payments ecosystem.

Michael Heron