BlaBlaCar successfully defended by Pérez-Llorca in ‘unfair competition’ case

Pérez-Llorca acted for car-pooling platform BlaBlaCar in its winning case against Spanish bus operators association Confebús, which had attempted to stop its activities


Confebús had taken legal action against BlaBlaCar because, it argued, the ride-sharing platform amounted to “unfair competition”.

However, Madrid commercial court number two – having dismissed precautionary measures related to the dispute in January 2016 – has now ruled in favour of BlaBlaCar.

The Pérez-Llorca team included partner Guillermina Ester and lawyer Sara de Román.

Ester said the judgement had defined BlaBlaCar not as a platform to organise transport, but rather a means of putting in contact individuals who “want to make a trip together and share certain expenses”. She added: “It [BlaBlaCar is focused solely and exclusively on private transport.”

Ben Cook