BK ETL Global appoints two new partners

BK ETL Global has appointed Ana Arrieta and Sara Arrieta as partners of the firm BK ETL Global in Logroño. This appointment is part of the generational handover that began a few years ago in this firm and now has five partners, Javier Pérez Itarte, Fernando Canals, Fausto Rodríguez, Ana Arrieta and Sara Arrieta, demonstrating the strategic vision of the firm to adapt to changes and ensure its long-term sustainable growth.

Image: Ana Arrieta, partner, Pablo Arrieta, partner and head of the tax area and Sara Arrieta, partner.

Ana Arrieta holds a degree in Law and Business Administration and Management (E-3) from Universidad Pontificia Comillas (ICADE) in Madrid and an Executive Master’s Degree in Tax Advice from Centro de Estudios Garrigues. A practicing lawyer and economist, she is a member of the Madrid Bar Association and the Economists Association of La Rioja, respectively.

Sara Arrieta is a member of the Madrid Bar Association. She holds a degree in Economic Law from the University of Deusto and a Full Time Master’s Degree in Tax Advice from Centro de Estudios Garrigues. She specializes in tax and accounting advice to companies, tax inspections and appeals before the different Tax Administrations.

For Raúl Barambones, CEO of Despachos BK ETL Global “having Ana and Sara Arrieta as partners means the strengthening and projection of the firm in Logroño. Both are magnificent professionals, but above all, two trustworthy professionals. Furthermore, with this appointment, officies BK ETL Global intends to continue its expansion and integration of new projects in different areas, being people the center of any operation. Ana and Sara are part of our present and future and are called to have great responsibilities, not only in Logroño, but also in the firm”.

Sara Arrieta emphasizes that “this appointment would not have been possible if I had not had my father Pablo Arrieta as a teacher and tutor, whom I thank once again for his great teaching work and for what his figure has meant to me in my professional development. I am very happy with my incorporation as a partner in the law firm officies BK ETL Global because I believe that effort and constant work always have their reward. Of the firm I would highlight above all that it is a project that is committed to people and that is in full expansion and growth phase, which allows us to offer our services not only locally, but to provide a comprehensive advisory service to companies and individuals at national and international level”.

In the words of Ana Arrieta, “my incorporation as a partner in officies BK ETL Global is a great advance and challenge in my professional career. I am part of a project that focuses on the people who compose it and who, in addition to being excellent professionals, are great people. I am very proud to get on this boat and to be able to share moments, concerns and experiences with all my colleagues. The trust placed in me by the other partners of the Logroño office drives me every day to improve as a person and to develop myself in all aspects of the professional field”.

Julia Gil