Ángel Vizcaíno and Alice Zuliani

BDO Abogados advises on the IPO of Elix Vintage Residencial Socimi

BDO Abogados has advised Elix Vintage Residencial Socimi (ELIX VRS) throughout the process of listing on the Portfolio Stock Exchange.

Elix VRS, a Spanish REIT integrated in the Allianz Group, is a company dedicated to the acquisition, refurbishment and subsequent leasing of residential properties in Madrid and Barcelona. In 2021, a majority stake was sold to Allianz (now PIMCO). Before migrating to Portfolio Stock Exchange, Elix VRS was listed on BME Growth, with a total valuation of €421.5 million.

This is a pioneering transaction in Spain as it is the first migration of a Spanish REIT from one of the traditional markets to the Portfolio Stock Exchange.

Elix VRS has been advised by the Real Estate legal team of BDO Abogados led by Ángel Vizcaíno, head of the real estate legal team, and Alice Zuliani.

Julia Gil