Barrilero y Asociados integrates Buigas

Barrilero y Asociados and Buigas have joined forces in an operation with important synergies and which represents a big step in its growth.

Buigas, with a track record of almost 30 years, is a multidisciplinary firm with a strong presence in Cataluña, and brings a wealth of experience in corporate and M&A transactions.

Bufete Barrilero y Asociados, which began its activity in Bilbao and Madrid in 1991, is present in the main economic centers of the peninsula and is recognized for its extensive experience in the tax, commercial, labor and administrative areas. They are also leaders in legal advice in very dynamic segments of the economy such as private equity, alternative investments or venture capital.

This is the first transaction of this type for the firm, which currently ranks among the top independent law firms in Spain. To date, all its growth has been organic, based on a solid territorial expansion.

Eduardo Barrilero, managing partner and founder of the firm, said that the union between Buigas and Barrillero “represents a great opportunity for growth for both firms”. Barrilero emphasized that the corporate culture shared by both firms, based on excellence and strong support for companies and entrepreneurs, has been a decisive factor in bringing the union to fruition. “Our specialty -he added- are companies and business law, we seek to strengthen and defend the economic fabric in any legal framework”.

Ignacio López-Balcells, managing partner of Buigas, believes that “the real work begins now, optimizing teams and resources, combining the best of each firm to put it at the service of our clients; we know that markets change at an unprecedented pace and our goal is to anticipate that change and always be prepared.”

The firm will have more than 250 professionals in its offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Basque Country, Andalusia and Galicia.

Julia Gil