Olof Fickert, Miguel Aznar & Magnus Stiebe (Partners)

Balder earns €12.7m in 2021

The industrial property law firm, Balder, has turned over €12.7m during its 10th anniversary.

The firm opened in 2012 and, at that time, had only 12 employees. Today, Balder has 95 professionals, representing a growth of 87.4%.

Along with its number of employees, its client portfolio has also grown. The firm operates with clients both nationally and internationally and, in 2012, there were 300 and by 2021 there are already 4,500 clients.

For the remainder of the year, Balder will focus on new areas such as the technology industry, start-ups and the new dimension that Intellectual Property and, in particular, Industrial Property will take on within the metaverse.

Irina Wakstein