Ayuela Jiménez’s approach to dispute resolution

by irina wakstein

“Legal conflicts are a sea of complications for those who do not dive every day into the bureaucracy of the law. We will take care of getting to the right place.” This is the main motto of Ayuela Jiménez, a legal boutique specialised in the resolution of conflicts linked to the business world.

Betting on young talent, innovation and technology, the partners of Ayuela Jiménez created a new dispute resolution system. “We thought about how to generate an extra value during the pandemicand we started to test it with different cases and saw that clients were very interested in it”, says Eduardo Ayuela, partner of Procedural Commercial Litigation.

The truth is that, during the state of alarm, the three partners: Eduardo Ayuela, Joaquín Jiménez and Pablo Torán thought about how to create a dispute resolution proposal by applying technology and innovation. Although the system has been in existence for more than two years, its visionaffirms that it continues to evolve day by day.

“It is important to emphasise that it is not a formal tool that can be sold or licensed right now. Rather, it is a business intelligence working method that crosses information from official public databases such as Cendoj or statistics from the Oral Council of the Judiciary and private databases,” explains Ayuela.

The creation of this working method was also possible thanks to the support of an industrial engineer who, although he is outside the legal world, was able to understand the proposal and assist the firm’s partners in its subsequent implementation.

“When we were born as a firm we tried to grow in several areas and set up a full service space, but then we realised that with the advent of legal tech it didn’t make much sense to set up new offices with one hundred and fifty lawyers. Maybe the service that we should offer was different, we should dedicate ourselves to offer an extra value, looking for those spaces where the big firms and the smaller ones are on an equal footing. That normally happens in a negotiation, in a conflict, in a dispute, or in an ADR, where in general only one lawyer enters the courtroom”, says Eduardo Ayuela.