Auren reports turnover of 85.7mln euros

Auren has recorded a turnover of 85.7 million euros with a growth of 11.04% in the 2022-2023 financial year, which closed in September.

The results

All the business lines of Auren have increased their volume: the legal division (Auren Legal) has invoiced 33.2 million euros this year (11.4% more than the previous year); the consulting division has contributed 28.8 million euros (12.8% increase); the audit division, 20.2 million euros (6.7% more); and Corporate, 3.6 million euros (19.3% more than the previous year).

“This year we expect to close several corporate operations, both in Spain and internationally, which will mean significant growth for the company,” said Mario Alonso (pictured), chairman of Auren. He also pointed out that the firm will strengthen services related to sustainability, digitalisation processes and restructuring, in addition to “continuing to incorporate talent aligned with our humanist culture”.

Auren currently has more than 960 employees in its 15 offices in Spain, more than 2,000 worldwide and 60 permanent offices abroad, in addition to the global coverage in more than 70 countries that it offers thanks to its membership of ANTEA, the alliance of independent firms that Auren promoted in 2008.