Auren launches a Metaverse services area

Auren has launched Metaverso 360 by Auren, a comprehensive advisory service with a 360-degree approach aimed at individuals and companies that want to dive into the world of the metaverse or value their presence in it. The creation of the virtual environment and technological support, strategy and business opportunities consultancy -for example, finding the most suitable metaverse for each type of client-, or specialised legal and tax advice are some of the services that Auren will offer from the new area.

“We detect a growing demand from clients to enter the Metaverse, the trend is clear and the cross-disciplinary component to address it is crucial,” explains Mario Alonso, president of Auren.

For the new area, Auren will work through all its departments, offering a multidisciplinary and specialised team, in which advisors will work together with technicians and engineers, tax advisors and lawyers with expertise in various fields such as technology law and cybersecurity.

Furthermore, to promote and enhance projects in the Metaverse, the law firm has teamed up with three technology startups that already operate in virtual environments: Alvearium -which creates immersive experiences in web 3.0-; Sierra Block Games -specialised in linking traditional businesses with the blockchain ecosystem-, and OWO -which has designed a system to experience real-world sensations in the Metaverse-.

Pilar Sánchez-Bleda (pictured), partner and head of Auren’s Media & Tech department will be in charge of leading the new area. “Waiting for a developed Metaverse to develop is a mistake. Now it is time to bet on this new environment”.

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