Auren celebrates the first edition of “Metaverse Today”

Auren has organised the first edition of “Metaverse Today”, a day dedicated to the Metaverse, with the participation of the main companies and entrepreneurs in the sector in Spain, as well as the public administration, to discuss the new technological environment.

The event, which will be held on Wednesday 23 November at Auren’s headquarters in Madrid, will feature round tables led by experts to learn about the latest developments in the Metaverse from different perspectives: legal and taxation; economic and business and to learn first-hand about the latest technological advances. In addition, “Metaverse Today” will host a space where different technology startups will be able to present their projects directly to investors.

“Our aim is to connect all the players in the sector to promote projects related to this new virtual environment, which will be key to our economy,” says Pilar Sánchez-Bleda, head of the comprehensive consultancy specialising in the metaverse, which Auren launched last September.