Francisco Abalde, Leonardo Gimenez & Hugo Calvo

Auren and Go4Clic join together to gamify its services

The professional services firm, Auren, has signed a collaboration agreement with Go4Clic for the gamification of all Auren Personas services.

Auren Personas is the division of the firm that is responsible for everything related to consulting and people management, within its plan to digitise its service catalogue. Go4Clic is the spanish start-up of digital transformation of content specialised in eLearning.

Through this alliance, Auren Personas will be able to offer new gamified solutions within its services: in its recruitment and selection programmes, in the search and temporary replacement of executives, in the onboarding service, in its diversity and equality programmes, in professional evaluation or in training and development, among others, thus supporting organisations and, specifically, the people management or human resources departments.

In addition, the platform facilitates the interaction and sharing of documents and data in real time between the HR leadership team of each client and the consultancy team.

Irina Wakstein