Auren achieves a turnover of 77.2 million euros and grows by more than 10% in Spain in 2022

Auren has recorded a turnover of 77.2 million euros and has grown by 10.2% in the fiscal year 2021-2022, which closed in August.

Every business line of Auren has increased its volume, although the division that has grown the most is the consultancy division, which has a turnover of 25.5 million euros this year, compared to 20.9 million euros last year. The legal division has contributed 29.8 million euros in turnover; the audit division, 18.9 million euros; and the Corporate area, 3 million euros.

“Our big bets this year are business restructuring projects, advice on European funds, and services to emerging sectors such as the startup ecosystem or the metaverse,” said Auren’s chairman, Mario Alonso.

On the other hand, the company expects to continue growing in the current financial year, organically and inorganically, continuing with its policy of integrations, both nationally and internationally, said the president of the firm.

Auren currently has more than 950 employees in its 15 offices in Spain, more than 2,000 worldwide and 60 permanent offices abroad, in addition to the global coverage in more than 70 countries that it offers thanks to its membership of ANTEA, the alliance of independent law firms that Auren promoted in 2008.