José Zamarreigo

ASCOM appoints José Zamarreigo as its new president

The Spanish Compliance Association (ASCOM) has appointed José Zamarriego as its new president, taking over from Sylvia Enseñat de Carlos, who has decided to embark on a new personal stage after almost 10 years at the head of ASCOM

José Zamarriego

With a PhD in Economics and Business Administration from the Complutense University of Madrid, Zamarriego is a Trustee of the Foundation of the Medical Association of Madrid and Director of the Ethics Supervision Unit of Farmaindustria.

ASCOM has been since 2014 as an independent non-profit association, fulfilling the main objective of professionalizing this function in our country and helping the professional development of its members. In these years it has already achieved more than 2000 active members, 155 partner companies and more than 2500 CESCOM/ iCECOM certificates.

10 years at the service of the Compliance Officer

Next year will be ASCOM’s tenth anniversary and it will be a very special year. “The actions for the future in this new stage are focused on continuing to build, under the principle of associative sustainability, a strong, innovative association capable of enhancing the role of the Compliance Officer,” said Zamarriego.

Together with the president, the Assembly has also elected a joint Board of Directors, composed of Compliance Officers and experts of recognized prestige, who are a true reflection of the diversity of the profession and who start their mandate assuming the challenge of maintaining ASCOM as the reference association in the field of Compliance in Spain for another decade.

The New Board

  • President: Mr. José Francisco Zamarriego Izquierdo, Director of the Deontological Supervision Unit of Farmaindustria.
  • 1st Vice-Chairman: Ms. Lucía Sánchez-Ocaña Leyun, European Director of Compliance and Risk Management at Cabot Credit Management.
  • 2nd Vice-president: Mr. Alonso Hurtado Bueno, IT & Compliance partner at Ecija
  • Secretary: Mr. Francisco Bonatti Bonet, Partner of Bonatti Compliance and Compliance Officer of the Barcelona Bar Association.
  • Treasurer: Mr. Jesús Pindado Delgado, Director of Compliance and Operational Risk Control at UBS Spain.
  • Member 1: Ms. Gloria Hernández Aler, Partner of Banking and Regulatory Law at FinReg360
  • Member 2: Mr. Juan Ignacio Canosa Sevillano, Compliance Officer at AstraZeneca
  • Member 3: Ms. Dolores Herrera Pereda, Director of Compliance at Iberdrola Group.
  • Member 4: Mr. Javier López-Galiacho Perona, Corporate Compliance Officer and Director of Sustainability at Grupo Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas (FCC).
  • Member 5: Ms. Elena del Tiempo Matanzo, Director of Compliance and Control for Spain and Portugal at Microsoft.
  • Member 6: Mr. José Manuel Garcelán García, Director of Ethics and Compliance at Grupo Antolin.
  • Member 7: Ms. Paula García Arango, Compliance Director of the ACS Group.
  • Member 8: Ms. Elena Canabal Cabrejas, Compliance Director for Spain and the European Union at CMC Markets.

For the new chairman, the commitment of each organization to compliance with the self-regulation system is fundamental”. Above all, he believes that “a company’s Compliance Officer must have an outstanding knowledge of the sector in which the company operates, be endowed with real internal authority, sufficient resources, operational independence and access to senior management. In addition, he/she must know how to communicate with conviction, work in a team, analyze risks and be part of the process as a whole in order to achieve the results set out under the regulations in force”.

Julia Gil