Air Nostrum signs integration with CityJet: advisors

CityJet has been integrated with Air Nostrum in a new vehicle (Strategic Alliance of Regional Airlines – SARA), giving rise to the largest European regional aviation airline group, in which Air Nostrum’s shareholders will hold 80% and CityJet’s shareholders will hold the remaining 20%.

The European airline group will consist of Air Nostrum, CityJet and Hiberninan, an aircraft maintenance company and a crew training center, including four companies providing services to the aviation industry.

Allen & Overy España has advised CityJet in this transaction with members of the corporate and M&A team: Iñigo del Val, Andrés Mochales, Cristina Palau and María Isla; banking and finance: Vanessa Cuellas, María Ruiz-Gollury and María Ramos; tax: Adolfo Zunzunegui and Olatz Muñiz and FDI: Enrique Díaz-Mauriño Carrera and Eduardo De La Paz Erasun.

Image: partners Iñigo del Val, Vanessa Cuellas and Adolfo Zunzunegui.

Julia Gil