Saturday 21 October 2017
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The new ‘Big Four’ - Roca Junyent

When encountering a reference to the “Big Four” one undeniably used to think of the biggest four accounting firms in the world. Recently though, it might be necessary to check the context, as the reference could perfectly be made to the four largest “tech” companies in the world (Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon).


Regulation of specialised alternative investment - Caiado Guerreiro & Associados

In 2015, the Portuguese Parliament passed Law no. 18/2015, which reviewed the legal framework of venture capital and established, for the first time, the rules of social entrepreneurship and specialised alternative investment in Portugal, by partially transposing Directives no. 2011/61/EU and 2013/14/EU, and assuring the enforcement of EU Regulations no. 345/2013 and 346/2013 in the Portuguese legal system.


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