Global investors seeking energy, tourism and healthcare assets in Spain – Deloitte Legal

International investors from around the world are targeting the Spanish energy, tourism, engineering and healthcare sectors, says Sharon Izaguirre, partner at Deloitte Legal.


“We have finally seen international investment coming in, it’s coming from many different jurisdictions, and we are seeing clients looking for local help with their global vision,” she says. Izaguirre adds that clients in some sectors – particularly energy, hotels, engineering and healthcare – are undergoing a process of internationalisation.
“We are seeing all kinds of investors, international funds, auctions with all kinds of players, and they are coming from all over, from traditional and emerging markets,” Izaguirre says. She adds that the market is developing in a way that favours the integration of law into a wider category of business services. “We have to listen to the client and know their sectors, but also we have to think about our providing added value by being a trusted advisor,” she explains. “Digitalisation and innovation are changing the way we interact with our clients, and also changing our business models and the way we provide our services.”