Youandlaw advises on €2.1m financing round to Webel

Youandlaw, a law firm specialized in advising entrepreneurs and investors in their large and day-to-day operations, has advised the startup Webel in a new financing round of more than two million euros. The venture project works as a “glovo” specialized in home services -from cleaning to personal aesthetics- and has been led by Trind VC and ZAKA Venture Capital, in addition to the Spanish Decelera Ventures.

The investment for this project, which is already present in cities such as Madrid, Zaragoza and Barcelona, will allow it to increase its workforce and take on a new phase of national and international expansion, reaching cities such as Seville, Malaga and Valencia in the short term and consolidating its leap to Italy in 2024. This was confirmed by Webel CEO Nacho Tejero, who pointed out that “it is difficult to create a solution that makes sense and is profitable, but, if it is done, there is hardly any competition and the opportunity is enormous”.

Youandlaw team has been formed by lawyers Isabel Gonzalo, Icíar Zapatero and founding partner Pablo Casado. In this line, Tejero added that “the Youandlaw team has done an extraordinary job in our recent capital increase. Raising a round is always a stressful time as a founder and with Youandlaw all the problems turned into solutions very quickly. We could hardly be happier with their work”.

For his part, Pablo Casado has indicated that “in Youandlaw the focus is on the client with a close point of view. We work with a way of doing things adapted to the needs and pace of the entrepreneur. We ourselves are entrepreneurs, we started as a startup and perhaps that is why we are so aligned with the entrepreneur and the investor”.

Julia Gil