Vincent AI expands its skills with Document Analysis

The Vincent AI tool, launched by vLex in 2023, has added to its initial abilities of answering questions, constructing arguments and comparing jurisdictions, the ability to analyse documents, taking another step in the direction of becoming one of the most complete legal assistants.

Image: Lluis Faus, CEO de vLex.

Vincent AI

With this new ability, Vincent AI can analyse any legal document – a pleading, a contract, a judgment, a compliance document or any other legal document – allowing the user to interact with it, while offering proposals of possible actions to be taken based on the analysed document. This set of pre-configured actions allows the user to perform complex tasks such as preparing responses to lawsuits, reviewing contracts or creating pleadings of all kinds. If the user prefers, he or she can chat with the assistant and ask for more specific tasks or ask questions about any area of law.

Vincent AI can perform a multitude of tasks related to the review and drafting of documentation. Generally speaking, these are some of the most common use cases:

  • Analyse lawsuits – Vincent AI will review a lawsuit and extract the legal grounds, relevant facts, as well as the parties and testimony involved to propose recommendations and possible arguments.
  • Generate defence arguments to a claim – Vincent AI, after analysing a claim, can generate a particular defence strategy by identifying the key facts that support the claim.
  • Make validation checklists – Vincent AI reviews documentation and creates a checklist of questions and actions to be taken in a particular case.
  • Review contracts – Vincent AI efficiently reviews contracts and clauses. Thanks to this capability, comparing, reviewing and improving contracts and clauses will be much easier and faster.
  • Summarise and document – Vincent can summarise any type of document, extract key concepts and perform related searches automatically.
  • Create timelines – Create a timeline with all milestones and events that appear in your documents.
  • Change control – Review documents with change control enabled and summarise them.

Julia Gil