Valia Legal is born

Valia Legal is born and bursts into the legal sector as a new ALSP: an alternative firm that stands at the junction between legal and technology.

Carmen Galea and Sara Velasco, founding partners with extensive experience in the sector after working for large companies and law firms, have shared their vision of this new venture, highlighting the firm’s inclination to offer a different service from the beginning and to become the perfect alliance between the legal sector and technology to respond to the new challenges of companies.

The firm unites the best of both worlds and delves into key areas such as advice on the implementation of ISO standards, from the dual aspect of legal and data science, contracting (national and international, specializing in technology contracting), blockchain operations and Data Protection Officer as a Service (DPOaaS) services -or, what amounts to the same thing, external DPO-.

Thanks to the background of its founders, the new firm specializes in the technology (ICT), marketing and health & pharma sectors, conceptualizing itself as a strategic ally of organizations, including other law firms.

Galea has a degree in Law and Data Scientist with an Executive Master in Big Data Science. In charge of generating synergies and building bridges between the legal world, the world of new technologies and Big Data, she has worked for companies such as CaixaBank or Quirón, where she has been able to accumulate a powerful know-how and practical vision for years.

Velasco, for her part, is a lawyer with a Master’s Degree in Foreign Trade and International Relations. A specialist in Commercial and Corporate Law -she teaches Commercial Law at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC)-, new technologies and data protection, she comes from large law firms in Madrid and Barcelona.

“From Valia Legal we intend to combine two different profiles: the purely legal or ‘traditional law’ and the technological, positioned in data science, artificial intelligence and technological innovation in all its aspects, in order to offer exclusive services -we are finalizing our own cutting-edge software-, even to colleagues from conventional law firms,” says Galea.

“We are witnessing a legislative machinery in incessant boiling: regulations issued from Europe or the US on data protection, artificial intelligence, digital identity, digital services, digital markets, cybersecurity, crypto-assets and a long etcetera. In other words, we are more necessary than ever,” says Velasco.

Valia Legal is aimed at companies or entrepreneurs who face challenges at the intersection between the legal and the technological, but who are committed to a team that “provides an exclusive service, by and for the client” and, for this, they seek a continuous, direct and close treatment. “We want them to feel secure, to be accompanied at all times and not to feel that they are just another client. Moreover, we prefer to decline a project if we cannot provide the attention and priority it deserves. Each client should feel that Valia Legal is what it is: unique,” the founders conclude.

Julia Gil