Uría Menéndez, PLMJ winners of the Legalcommunity Marketing Awards

Uría Menéndez and PLMJ were the Spanish and Portuguese law firms awarded as “Team of the Year” for its Communication and Marketing outstanding performance during 2021 in the LegalCommunity Awards celebrated yesterday in Milan

The Legalcommunity Marketing Awards 2021 were held at the Four Season Hotel in Milan. The awards presented an opportunity to pay homage to the teams and professionals from the world of Marketing and Communication in law firms.

The evening started with a presentation discussing a survey curated by Mopi and entitled “Marketing in law firms”, by Gaia Francieri, president of Mopi and Nicola Di Molfetta, the director of MAG and Legalcommunity.it.

This was followed by the awards ceremony, where professionals along with communication and marketing teams were recognised for their distinguished work in 2021.

In the case of Iberia, the two law firms awarded for their outstanding Communication and Marketing performance during 2021 were Uría Menéndez (Spain), with Dionisio Uría Ronsmans (pictured top right) collecting the award from LC Publishing Group owner and director Aldo Scaringella (pictured top left), and PLMJ (Portugal), with Daniela Amaral and Alexandra Ferreira (pictured bottom right) collecting the award from Portugal and Brasil country manager, Carlos Montagnini (pictured bottom left). Both law firms were awarded as “Team of the Year”, along with teams from Germany, France and Italy.

Motivations of the winners were:

“Uría Menéndez maintains an impeccable communication and marketing strategy that prioritises attention to media and information on the firm’s events through the different available channels, including social media, in addition to other marketing and/or promotional activities. Dionisio Uría leads the team assisted by Pilar Igartua and Javier Cantavella. In the last year, the best Marketing & Communication team in Spain.”

“PLMJ is one of the big three law firms in Portugal, and it befits them to possess one of the more stellar Communication and Business Development areas in the market. When it comes to Business Development, PLMJ is not afraid to make big bets on talent, and back in 2016, hired Daniela Amaral from Freshfields. The area has provided vital support on strategy, client retention and new client generation for the firm. PLMJ experienced a number of significant changes in recent years, with new leadership, but also went through a re-branding exercise in 2019, which has received critical acclaim. Alexandra Ferreira currently leads the Communication team.”

For details about the winners click here.

Desire Vidal