Towards Lisbon

At the end of last year, Pérez-Llorca made its debut in the Portuguese market, reaffirming its international commitment. Iberian Lawyer discussed this move with Gonçalo Capela Godinho, the managing partner of the new office

by Ilaria Iaquinta

A 2,000-square-meter building in the prestigious area of 21 Barata Salgueiro Street in Lisbon marks the space Pérez-Llorca intends to gradually occupy in the Portuguese capital in the forthcoming years. The Spanish firm entered Portugal at the end of the year, demonstrating its commitment to strengthening its presence in key markets and marking a milestone in its global expansion. The new Lisbon office – now part of the firm’s international network that already includes locations in London, New York, Singapore, and Brussels – will practice Portuguese law, seek opportunities in the Iberian Peninsula, and serve as a bridge to strengthen ties with the Brazilian market and other Portuguese-speaking jurisdictions.

To shape this project, Pérez-Llorca has added ten new partners and one counsel to its team, among other professionals, laying the groundwork for the Lisbon office, which currently comprises a multidisciplinary and experienced team of 25 people, led by Gonçalo Capela Godinho.

Why Lisbon?

It was a natural step towards the goal of being a leading and fully integrated Iberian firm. This move is not only fully aligned with our strategy and cross-border DNA, but also meets the increasing expectation of our clients and business partners that we will be able to work with and serve them in different markets and geographies. Let me be quite clear on this: Pérez-Llorca now becomes an Iberian firm. Instead of being a Spanish law firm entering in Portugal, we deliberately and passionately decided to pursue a much more interesting path: to create an Iberian law firm. That is what we are now.

The Lisbon office also adds a new law, language and cultural flavour to the firm. That is very valuable for a firm eager to build up a truly international platform and attract international talent. Our consolidated position in Spain, market positioning and existing international footprint make us believe this is the right timing.


Julia Gil