The startup Menhir Financial wins the fifth edition of Cuatrecasas Acelera

Menhir Financial, Spain´s start-up specialised in the intangible value of NPAs, has won the fifth edition of the Cuatrecasas Acelera programme

Cuatrecasas Acelera, Cuatrecasas’ acceleration programme for projects based on legaltech and with a high level of legal complexity, has ended its fifth edition with the Demo Day. After four months of work, the startups participating in the acceleration programme and the Fast Track programme presented their projects in a pitch and a demo to a jury made up of the country’s main investors and agents of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The session, held this year online -like all phases of the programme-, brought together more than a hundred attendees.

This year, the accelerator focused on technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. The selected projects include proposals for innovative solutions for business law (legaltech) and technology-based projects with a high level of legal complexity in fintech and deep tech. The startups have received support from a team of more than 40 Cuatrecasas lawyers and their legal mentors: Elisenda Baldrís, Álvaro Bourkaib, Jorge Canta, Jorge Monclús, Diana Rivera and Alejandro Negro. The entrepreneurs received comprehensive legal advice from all areas of Cuatrecasas, complemented and coordinated with business advice.

The winning startup, Menhir Financial, is a platform that works with banks, funds and services to understand how to most efficiently distribute NPLs and maximise the return on these assets. In addition, it has developed a series of AI-based models that understand how secured loans are recovered and, through a valuation of the intangible, designs the optimal recovery plan for a portfolio.

Desire Vidal