Carlos Tabernero

The Ministry of Justice launches a data hyper-automation program awarded to NTT DATA

The Ministry of Justice, together with the technological consultancy NTT DATA, is promoting, through the Robotization Center for the Administration of Justice, a hyper-automation project and a combination of different technologies based on robotization and artificial intelligence. The aim of this initiative is to promote the efficiency of the Administration of Justice by speeding up procedures that involve greater agility for citizens, which will be a further step in the digital transformation strategy promoted by the ministry.

In addition, through the use of RPA -robotic automation of processes-, and the combination with artificial intelligence techniques, NTT DATA continues to work with the Ministry of Justice accelerating the execution of various processes.

In the words of Carlos Tabernero, public sector partner and head of public safety and justice at NTT DATA: “We are currently automating more than 300,000 hours of work per year, which allows teams in the administration of justice to focus on performing activities of greater value to citizens, improving the quality of the public service of Justice”.

Digital adaptation of the administrative staff

The automation program of the Ministry of Justice has started to be implemented in the judicial bodies of Murcia and is expected to be implemented in Extremadura, Balearic Islands, Castilla-León, Castilla-La Mancha and the autonomous cities of Melilla and Ceuta in the coming months.

Its progressive implementation also contemplates the management of change in terms of the digital competencies of the administration’s personnel. To this end, the Ministry of Justice and the technology consultancy firm are promoting the training and support of court personnel in order to achieve their digital adaptation and become a fundamental part of the project.

The initiative provides the ministry with more agile processes, improving service to citizens and reducing the administrative burden of professionals in the courts. NTT DATA provides the technology to implement tools in judicial procedures, such as the procedures of monitorios – those related to the claim of debts of a monetary nature – and that in 2022 accounted for more than 177,000 procedures in the communities of the territory ministry, the acts of processing are carried out mostly automated within a period of 4 months.

Julia Gil