Javier Cremades

The Bar Association awards Cremades for its 425th anniversary

The President of Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo, Javier Cremades (pictured left), has received the medal of honour of the Madrid’s Bar Association for its 425th anniversary.

With more than 1500 guests, the ceremony took place at the Teatro Real in Madrid where, Javier Cremades, also President of the World Jurist Association (WJA) and World Law Foundation (WLF), received his medal along with 400 other lawyers with 25, 50 and 60 years of membership.

“They have distinguished themselves for their work in their professional practice and, at the same time, have contributed to the growth of the Bar Association”, said the Dean of the Madrid Bar Association, José María Alonso.

The honoree concluded: “The fight for the Rule of Law, which takes place in every battle to defend a cause, whether small or large, is the fight for the dignity of the person. The rule of law is the master formula in the relationship between the individual and the public authorities. The latter only have legitimacy if they act under the law and the Constitution, which must be anthropocentric, placing the dignity of the human being at the centre”.

And he added: “we must all work to build a free and peaceful world under the protection of the law, because either we are governed by the law or we are governed by force”.

Irina Wakstein