TELLES hires former Member of Parliament

TELLES has hired former Secretary of State, João Pinho de Almeida, as a consultant

pjimage 2022 04 20T152115.880TELLES has announced the hiring of João Pinho de Almeida as a consultant.

Before joining TELLES, João Pinho de Almeida was Secretary of State for Internal Administration in the XIX and XX Constitutional Governments. He was also a Member of Parliament in several Legislatures, having been Vice-Chairman of the CDS-PP Parliamentary Group and Coordinator of the same Parliamentary Group in the Committees on Budget and Finance, European Affairs, Labour and Social Security; Education, Science and Culture, of Inquiry into the BPN and of Inquiry into Swap Contracts in public administration.

In his parliamentary activity, the final report of the commission of enquiry into the Caixa Geral de Depósitos, of his authorship, stands out, being the only one to be unanimously approved in the commissions of enquiry into the financial system.

Pinho de Almeida holds a degree in Law and a Masters in Economics and Public Policies, from the Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão of the University of Lisbon (ISEG).

A spokesperson from the firm said: “This integration is part of the strategy of TELLES that for 30 years has sought to build a unique team in the market, providing an excellent legal service, increasingly sophisticated, differentiated and efficient, based on close monitoring of the client. We will continue to develop policies to attract talent, while focusing on retaining the most talented people and on lawyers who make a career within the firm.”

TELLES’ managing partner, Miguel Torres said: “this integration is in line with TELLES’ strategy, not only in providing excellent legal services, but also innovative legal services, and in this context, João Pinho de Almeida brings to TELLES the knowledge of someone who had the ability to participate in different, enriching activities of national prestige.”

Fo his part, João Pinho de Almeida considers that: “it is an enormous honour to be part of the TELLES team, a firm of national and international reference, not only for the quality of the legal services rendered, but also for the institutional culture that has remained for several generations and with which I identify myself.”

Michael Heron