TCM Legal is born

TCM Legal, a law firm that arises from the convergence of outstanding human and professional trajectories, is born. This firm, specialized in criminal law, international criminal law and commercial law, represents an innovative and committed option for those seeking legal solutions in the field of international criminal law, especially in extradition proceedings and Euro warrants.

Image: Ruperto Guerra Bermúdez, managing partner of TCM Legal.

At the head of the firm is Ruperto Guerra Bermúdez, who assumes the position of Managing Partner. The lawyer, who also holds a PhD in law, is a recognized specialist in the area of economic criminal law. His prestige has earned him the assignment of leading the ‘Hermitage case’ in Spain, also known as the ‘Magnitsky case’. This case, an intricate international money laundering scheme with ramifications in Russia, the USA, Spain and Switzerland, has had a significant impact on legislation in both the United States and Europe.

“Commitment to justice and dedication to each of our clients are the cornerstones of TCM Legal. Our goal is to provide legal advice of the highest quality and to defend our clients’ interests tirelessly,” said Guerra Bermudez.

TCM Legal also stands out for its international focus, reflected in its global clientele. To serve the needs of its clients in various jurisdictions, the firm has a network of highly reliable collaborating law firms in the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Colombia. This ability to provide comprehensive legal advice in multiple jurisdictions is an invaluable asset for those operating in an increasingly globalized environment.

Julia Gil