SRS Legal invests in artificial intelligence

SRS Legal has continued its commitment to technological and digital transformation, having now invested in Henchman, an artificial intelligence (AI) tool designed to transform contract drafting and review with a panoply of advanced features, guaranteeing an efficient and accurate experience at every stage of the contract drafting process.


This investment is part of a context in which SRS Legal has worked to be at the cutting edge of what is being done in terms of technology in the legal sector, in order to respond ever better and more efficiently to the needs of its organisation and its clients. To this end, SRS is investing in this new tool, designed to further enhance its services, reiterating its commitment to providing legal advice of exceptional quality, combining professional expertise with up-to-date solutions, independently and securely, in full alignment with the highest standards of privacy and regulatory compliance.

With no associated third-party AI tool, this tool guarantees that the data processed remains private, secure and compliant with regulations such as SOC 2, ISO 27001 and GDPR.

Improving internal procedures

“We have continuously invested in technology, with a view to optimising our efficiency in responding to external processes and improving internal procedures, providing our professionals with a variety of tools that facilitate their daily professional experience, while at the same time equipping them with the skills to work with these tools. The focus is, as is SRS Legal’s prerogative, on excellence in customer service, while maintaining the human side that characterises us,” says Rodrigo Ascensão, Managing Director of SRS Legal.

Julia Gil