Spain’s Top 30 Lawyers

by ilaria iaquinta

A year marked by global challenges, including the wars in Ukraine and the Gaza Strip and an escalating energy crisis ended. Iberian Lawyer, after 12-months of meticulous observation and comprehensive attention to the Spanish legal market, presents a list (in alphabetical order) of business lawyers who stood out for their contributions to the legal landscape in 2023.

This is not a league table but an overview of the Spanish legal scene, acknowledging individuals for their achievements and impact. The selected lawyers are considered the protagonists of 2023 for diverse reasons encapsulated in the criteria of track record, leadership, popularity, and career. Each profile includes a graphical representation, with the weight of these criteria determining their inclusion in this year’s list.

The term “track record” encapsulates the primary activities that these legal professionals adeptly managed in the past 12 months, demonstrating their prowess as rainmakers capable of generating substantial business for their respective law firms. From overseeing major operations such as mergers and acquisitions, stock market listings, bond issues, securitizations, and restructurings, to handling partnerships, projects, and disputes, these leaders have left a mark on the Spanish legal landscape or abroad.

“Leadership” criterion evaluates the ability of these lawyers to steer law firms or teams towards success. Their impact extends beyond the legal realm, encompassing efforts to enhance service efficiency, implement cutting-edge technologies, and drive beneficial transformations within the legal profession. Actively contributing to innovation and inclusion, these leaders play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the legal market.

Popularity, denoting the prestige earned among industry stakeholders such as in-house counsels, business lawyers, and headhunters, highlights the transformation of these professionals into influential figures and trendsetters. Their visibility extends beyond the confines of the law firm, positioning them as authoritative influencers capable of shaping decisions within the legal sector. For aspiring legal professionals, they serve as role models, while clients consider them as invaluable advisors.

Lastly, the career trajectory serves as the common thread binding these lawyers together. While all have charted successful paths, some have assumed significant roles within or outside their firms in the past year, further solidifying their influence in the legal domain.

This list is a result of accurate consideration of these criteria, including business lawyers based on their individual contributions over the past year, as per the observations of Iberian Lawyer.

Here below are the legal trailblazers who have defined the legal landscape in Spain in 2023.