Simplifying corporate management for in-house lawyers with Legal View

General counsel face the major challenges of minimising corporate, reputational and economic risks, as well as increasing efficiency and ensuring their organisation is more secure

In-house lawyers act as the legal guarantors of their organisation. But general counsel face a wide range of risks that have many different origins. As a result, one of the main challenges in-house lawyers face is the need to design a strategy that has the effect of preventing problems by anticipating and minimising risk. In order to achieve this significant objective, the directors are putting considerable efforts into designing an effective and efficient strategy that will achieve the required results.

What causes concern?
Our GD Corporate Management division has the role of accompanying and assisting legal advisers in their daily corporate management responsibilities. This responsibility has enabled us to develop an in-depth understanding of the major problems they have to face, in addition to discovering the risks they have to deal with and what issues cause them the most concern. Given our activity in this field, in recent months we have had the opportunity to talk with in-house legal directors with a range of different profiles – all of them conclude that the main business risk-related challenges faced (in relation the corporate management of their organisation) are:

· Minimising corporate and reputational risks
· Minimising economic risks
· Increasing efficiency and bringing a greater level of security to the business

Our value proposition is to provide effective and optimised corporate management that not only minimises risks, but also provides higher levels of security. That is the reason we designed and created Legal View Pro, a global service solution that works effectively in relation to the operative part to business risks.

More security
We offer additional security and provide extraIBL79 p22 box web efficiency in the context of providing legal advice. Clients can delegate responsibility to us as they are given a full guarantee regarding all the corporate management of their companies, including the processing of deeds, for example. All of this is also provided in a very cost-efficient way. In addition, the Legal View platform also facilitates the monitoring and review of all processes.
In the event of a corporate transaction taking place, it is important to have information available immediately to the people who have the responsibility for carrying out the transaction so they are able to conclude the matter in a timely fashion. Having access to all the necessary documentation and corporate information in a ‘24-7’ application gives absolute control, and therefore enables the legal department to give quick and accurate input in the context of a corporate transaction, while complying with all the relevant legal requirements.

Simplifying management
Another issue that in-house lawyers should give greater attention to is the financial management of their expenses and suppliers. The corporate management function involves extended economic cycles in which files need to be closed, while also involving the provisions of funds and fees, for example. The performance of these functions can hinder the management and monitoring of the process. With Legal View, all the economic items linked to each operation are controlled and visualised. This has the effect of simplifying the management function and making the information more transparent.

Laura Escarpa