Selier incorporates new managing partner for the new restructuring and insolvency practice area

Selier Abogados has incorporated Daniel Gómez de Arriba as new managing partner for the new restructuring and insolvency practice area. With this signing, the Madrid-based firm strengthens a key area to consolidate its market position and achieve its growth plans in the short and medium term.

A graduate in Law from ICADE, an expert in Corporate Restructuring from IE, and associate professor at the Faculty of Economics and Law of the Antonio de Nebrija University, Gómez has more than 25 years of experience in Restructuring and Insolvency, as well as a high level of specialization in the Insolvency area after having served as Insolvency Administrator in more than fifty proceedings.

After working for firms such as Andersen and Ceca Magán, the lawyer starts this new stage in Selier Abogados “excited and highly motivated”, aware of the great challenge that lies ahead. “Since the publication of Law 16/2022 on the reform of the revised text of the Insolvency Law last September, all professionals who are dedicated to this practice of law are immersed in a maelstrom of cases and proceedings in which both individuals and self-employed individuals, as well as companies themselves, have their immediate future at stake”.

For Gómez, who in recent years has led all kinds of operations related to corporate restructuring, insolvency proceedings and the application of the so-called second chance law, his main objective as head of this department lies in “facing any insolvency proceedings in the business sector with full guarantees and legal certainty”.

To achieve this goal, Gómez will be supported by a large multidisciplinary team that, “as is already a hallmark of this firm, will put all its expertise and resources at the disposal of each client with the firm purpose of providing a high quality service and technical rigor”.

As Gómez himself states, with this commitment, “Selier Abogados aspires to position itself in the solvency sector as a firm of reference as regards the future of our insolvency law”. Undoubtedly, a declaration of intentions “for the future of insolvency law based on the pre-bankruptcy phase, in the restructuring processes, in the sales of productive units in the pre-bankruptcy phase, the Pre-Pack, in the tendency to avoid that the companies enter into liquidation and may disappear in this moment of uncertainty that our economic and financial system is going through”, the lawyer points out.

All this,” he adds, “without forgetting, of course, the field of traditional insolvency law, from which we will act as insolvency lawyers or as insolvency administrators,” he says.

One of the cardinal points of the insolvency proceedings is to avoid the liquidation of those companies that may become viable, even if they are in insolvency proceedings. And, as Gómez assures, “the ultimate aim of all insolvency proceedings is not the liquidation and subsequent closure of a company, but to maintain the business activity of those organizations that, being in a situation of insolvency, can be viable and continue their activity”.

“With this, we will be able to protect the general interests of the economy, the business fabric, maintain employment and be able to satisfy the credit rights in the amount that corresponds to the interests of the insolvency creditors,” he adds.

As the new Managing Partner of Selier Abogados assures, “one of the alternatives available to the insolvency professional to avoid liquidation is to try to obtain the sale of the Production Unit, a tool that, together with the figure of the Pre-Pack, has become the star of the reform of the Insolvency Law so far in 2023”.

Julia Gil