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Selier Abogados and the British Chamber of Commerce sign an agreement to promote sustainability in business

Selier Abogados and the British Chamber of Commerce have signed an adhesion agreement through which both entities subscribe their commitment to the creation of a space for analysis of new trends in Culture, Leadership and Talent Management that will promote sustainability in 21st century organizations. In addition, with the incorporation of Selier Abogados to the British Chamber of Commerce, the continuous intention of the firm to inform, train and advise its clients, as well as member companies, in times of uncertainty such as the current one, is reaffirmed, accompanying legally associates and client companies.

This objective will be developed within the framework of the British Chamber’s Culture and Talent Committee, of which Silvia Palacios, Partner head of the employment area at Selier Abogados, is member, together with other professionals from companies with activity in various strategic sectors.

Founded in Barcelona in 1908, the British Chamber of Commerce is the only independent Hispanic-British business organization in Spain. Its objective is to promote and create trade and investment relations between the two countries, playing a key role in supporting newly arrived companies. The Chamber, which is represented in the United Kingdom through the British Chambers of Commerce, has an exclusive database with more than 800 associated companies and institutions.

Asked about the relevance of this alliance, Silvia Palacios summarizes the purpose of this Commission as follows: “companies need to focus more than ever on aligning their business strategy, their culture and their talent management. Through this Commission we intend to share knowledge, experiences, Best Practices and examples of innovation that will help us investigate new trends and promote collective intelligence and learning in the work group”.

All of this, continues the lawyer, “in order to develop a series of universal and valid tips for Future Fit Organizations, terms that help us identify those organizations that really have among their priorities the awareness of the urgency of evolving to bet for sustainability in the 21st century.