Sagardoy moves to Torre Tarragona in Barcelona

Sagardoy has moved to Torre Tarragona in Barcelona. David Tobía García will be in charge of leading the team en Cataluña.

After changing the headquarters in Madrid, to Calle Velázquez, they are now moving in Barcelona. The new headquarters is located in Torre Tarragona (Calle Tarragona 161, 18th floor).

David Tobía García (managing partner at Sagardoy Abogados Cataluña) will be in charge of leading a team of 13 specialised lawyers who will work in this new office. David has extensive experience backed by his work at firms such as Cuatrecasas and Deloitte Legal.

Sagardoy Abogados (chaired by Iñígo Sagardoy de Simón) is one of the leading firms specialising in Employment Law, Social Benefits, Pensions and Social Security in Spain. In the last two decades it has grown significantly and currently has more than 70 lawyers specialised in labour law matters.

Pictured: David Tobía García (partner in Cataluña) and Iñígo Sagardoy de Simón (president of the firm).

Julia Gil